NUGGET ABOUT HIDING BEHIND TALENTS | Don’t use your talents and abilities as a shield to block people from getting to know who you really are. A lot of folk stay stuck because they only want to show people what they’re “good” at so people never will actually get close to them. What they are really communicating, is that they are highly insecure about themselves. Sometimes you can press so hard into making your persona look good, that you even convince yourself that it’s who you are! But, ironically, it’s just one small aspect of who you are. You just chose to magnify it because of the other deficits you’ve ignored! Our life and soul is coiled with habits that we are consciously aware of and subconsciously not aware of. God gave us other people to communicate with and establish relationships with so we can grow. One can’t grow if they keep themselves locked up in captivity by their own issues! Yeah, you can be talented and all in whatever area, but have the “CAN’T GET RIGHT” demon living in your chest!!!

Get help! Get deliverance! Our progress in life is always up to us!

James 5:16

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