About Quamon

Short Bio

Quamon Fowler, a husband for over two decades and father of two, isn't just a musician – he's a maestro of melody and faith. For over three decades, his saxophone and ewi have woven a tapestry of sound, nourishing souls and elevating hearts with enchanting melodies and uplifting messages.

His journey, rich in passion and commitment, has yielded nine musical projects, including the recent "You're My Protection" (2023). Beyond music, Quamon's 2015 book, "The Christian Musician," continues to inspire with its insights into faith and artistic success. (And the audiobook arrived in 2020, bringing his words to life in a new way.)

Quamon's name resonates, not just for his technical mastery, but for the emotional power he wields. His notes aren't just sounds; they're pathways to soul-stirring experiences and heavenly realms. In him, music becomes a bridge, connecting listeners to something beyond themselves.

Long Bio

From the budding melodies of Fort Worth's school orchestras to the hallowed stage of the Kennedy Center, Quamon Fowler's musical journey has been a relentless pursuit of soul-stirring expression. By twelve, he was already weaving magic with his saxophone, composing by fifteen, and relentlessly practicing his way to first chair in the All-State Jazz Ensemble.

World-renowned clarinetist Alvin Batiste became his mentor and muse, guiding him through performances in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where the vibrant melody of jazz echoed through the air. This experience not only inspired his debut CD, "Introducing Quamon Fowler," but also ignited a fire within him, urging him to reach beyond local stages.

Selected as a Panasonic Young Soloist, Quamon graced the prestigious Kennedy Center stage with his talent, his saxophone singing stories that resonated with audiences nationwide. He honed his craft in the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program, and his compositions like "The Reinforcement" earned him recognition in the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer's Awards.

2003 was a whirlwind year of love, accomplishment, and adventure. Quamon married the love of his life, earned his music degree from Southern University, embarked on a journey to Dubai, recorded the captivating "The Vision," and started his Master's at Texas Tech - all with remarkable grace and unwavering passion.

His success continued to blossom. He conquered the North American Saxophone Alliance Jazz Competition, taught at Texas Tech, and toured with jazz legends like Curtis Fuller and James Moody, his saxophone weaving melodies that resonated with hearts around the world.

Finally, in 2008, came the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition. Competing against the world's finest young talents, Quamon's dedication and raw talent shone through, earning him a well-deserved 3rd place finish, a testament to his musical prowess.

Today, Quamon's passion inspires a new generation. He teaches Jazz improvisation and Music Business at Weatherford College and connects with students worldwide through his online academy, TeXas10erAcademy. And he still lights up the DFW area with his band, his melodies continuing to nourish souls and elevate hearts.

But Quamon's artistry extends beyond the stage and classroom. In 2015, he shared his wisdom and insights in his book, "The Christian Musician," offering guidance and inspiration to aspiring artists seeking to combine their faith and musical expression.

And in 2019, his words soared beyond the printed page, coming to life through the engaging audiobook version, bringing his message to an even wider audience.