The Christian Musician

by Quamon Fowler

Many aspiring musicians most often don't get the balanced mentorship that they need to be functional away from their music.

Most grow up desiring to travel the world and play on the big stage but, they end up neglecting their natural God-given role as just being a good man or woman, husband or wife, and father or mother. Musicians are often told that they have a "musical gift", and end up going through life believing all they are supposed to do in life is play their instrument for a living.

Quamon Fowler


Quamon Fowler is a Christian musician an entrepreneur from Fort Worth, TX who currently performs, teaches, and manages his businesses both on and offline.

Quamon holds a Master's Degree in Music Performance and currently is a part of the faculty at Weatherford College in Weatherford, TX.

He and his wife Ayanna have been married for 20 years have two children, Quamon Jr. and Alexia.